Gazebos By State

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Our gazebos by state list is a great place to begin your search for the perfect outdoor structure.  Each area of the country offers a different climate.  Your decision as to which structure will best fit your lifestyle, will largely be influenced by the area in which you live.  Browse our list to see what things you may want to consider when shopping for gazebos by state.

Gazebos By State:

wooden gazebosAlabama Gazebos

Alabama Pergolas

Alabama Pavilions

Arkansas Gazebos

Arkansas Pergolas

Arkansas Pavilions

Arizona Gazebos

Arizona Pergolas

Arizona Pavilions

California Gazebos

California Pergolas

Colorado Gazebos

Colorado Pergolas

Florida Gazebos

Georgia Gazebos

Georgia Pergolas

Idaho Gazebos

PB 1.12 063014

Illinois Gazebos

Indiana Gazebos

Iowa Gazebos

Iowa Pergolas

Kansas Gazebos

Kentucky Gazebos

Maine Gazebos

Maine Pergolas

Maryland Gazebos

Massachusetts Gazebos

Michigan Gazebos

Mississippi Gazebos

New Jersey Gazebos

New York Gazebos

white pergola

Oklahoma Gazebos

Ohio Gazebos

Tennessee Gazebos

Texas Gazebos

Texas Pergolas

Utah Gazebos

Utah Pergolas

Virginia Gazebos

Wyoming Gazebos

… more to come.



Considering a local gazebo or pavilion contractor?

While the gazebo kits do come complete and ready to assemble, many choose to hire a local contractor or handyman to assist with construction.  If you are considering adding a poolside pavilion or gazebo from a local contractor, get a quote from us as well.  Our ready to assemble kits are fast to install and cost less that custom built on-site pavilions.  Many contractors have found that buying one of our kits is more profitable than if they built the entire structure on-site.

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