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Amish Built Iowa Gazebos

Iowa is full of national parks, good times, a rich history and possibly one of the most beautiful states in North America. It is no wonder why Iowans choose Amish Country Gazebos when it comes to designing their backyards with beautiful outdoor structures. The finest Amish gazebos are crafted by using only quality craftsmanship and grade A lumber. We guarantee our craftsmanship is the most professional than anything you can find locally. Each piece of wood we carve is hand selected, durable, and above average.

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Amish Country Gazebos is proud to offer custom gazebos that you can design yourself. Using our website, you can design your own gazebo to your exact specifications. See all of the diffreent options we offer for our custome gazebos such as woods and accesroies such as fans. 

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Custom Gazebos in Iowa

Most outdoor structure companies order their gazebos from factories that machines, chip, grind and make in minutes and as a result damage, parts can go missing and factory quality checks are not always at the top of their game. At Amish Country Gazebos we are the manufactures of our own product and take the time to hand carve the gazebos to each client’s specifications. Design your own gazebo by choosing the size, shape, colors, wood or vinyl you would like used. And because we are the manufactures of our own product there is no middleman to mark up the price. Getting a quality gazebo at an affordable price has never been so easy!

Not only can you customize your own gazebo, but you can also purchase add-ons that make your stand out from the rest. Choose from tables, chairs, benches, doors, walls, screened window options and more! You can even order a gazebo kit that you and your family can build together.

Gazebo Lifetime Guarantee

Because we want you to love your gazebo for as long as possible, we provide a lifetime warranty with your gazebo purchase. Our lifetime guarantee includes the cost of structural damage caused by rot, weather, or insects, we’ve got your back for as long as you’re in your home.

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Finding the perfect gazebo takes time, that’s why we’ve made a catalog to help customers find exactly what type of gazebo they’re looking for. Get a better understanding of structural design, colors, woods and more with our free catalog. After choosing your gazebo, we will assign you to work with one of our designers and make your gazebo dream a reality.


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