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About Our Gazebos

Amish Country Gazebos provides custom gazebos as well as other outdoor structures of the highest quality. Gazebos are all we do, and we control the entire process. We procure the finest materials, and deliver the finished product directly to your home. We sell more custom gazebos directly to customers than anyone else in the United States. In short, we offer the best products and the best all-around customer experiences.
Gazebo lumber

The Best Lumber = The Best Custom Gazebos

We use only hand-selected, #1 grade, pressure-treated, twice kiln-dried southern yellow pine in the building of our custom gazebos. Other companies throw in #2 and #3-grade lumber where they think they can get away with it.

There is more where that came from! Amish Country Gazebos has 20 to 30 percent more lumber than other companies. The vinyl models are equally more substantial.

2 × 6 Roof Rafters and Floor Joists

Most companies use 2 × 4s. Amish Country Gazebos uses 2 × 6 rafters and joists, which makes our gazebos 50 percent stronger!

1 × 6 Tongue-and-Groove Ceiling

Many companies use plywood or knotty cedar boards for the ceiling. It pales in comparison to the beauty and strength of #1, hand-selected, pressure-treated lumber that we use in your model’s ceiling.

Screws, Not Nails

No other gazebo company uses stain-resistant screws as Amish Country Gazebos does throughout their gazebos. Screws are better for bearing weight and tension, which is why we choose to use screws over nails. Many other companies use nails in their structures.

Five-Step Paint Process

We are the only gazebo company that uses the same paint booth that car detailers use to paint cars. This enables us to provide the best gazebo paint job in America. The five steps are:

   - Hand-sanding
   - Prime coat
   - Hand-sanding again
   - First coat of paint
   - Second coat of paint

In one word, smooth.

A Superior Vinyl Gazebo

When you select a maintenance-free vinyl gazebo from Amish Country Gazebos, you can be sure it will not fade, yellow, or crack. You have our guarantee. It will hold its smooth texture and strength. Yes, it may cost us a bit more, but in the long run, it pays to provide vinyl products made with the highest quality resin.

Assembly Made Easy

We ship our gazebos as easy-to-assemble kits. Top-quality materials, as well as precise cuts, means everything fits together perfectly in an easy step-by-step process. We provide detailed instructions if you choose to do it yourself, or you can opt to work with one of our installers. (Learn more about our gazebo kits»)

In addition, Amish Country Gazebos is the only company with enough confidence to offer a lifetime guarantee on our gazebos. This guarantee applies to wood and vinyl structures. We guarantee the wood against structural damage to your structure, whether it be rot or termites for as long as you are in your home. This also applies to our vinyl outdoor structures. Additionally, we guarantee that our vinyl structures will not crack or discolor for as long as you are in your home. 

Painting your gazebo does not void the warranty. 

Shipped Anywhere in the U.S.

We ship our gazebos all across the country, including many to CaliforniaFloridaNew York, and Texas.

Customized Just for You

Your custom gazebos are built to your specifications from hundreds of customizable options, including shingles styles, weathervanes, floorboards, stain color, and vinyl colors. We want you to have the gazebo of your dreams, whether it is a garden gazebo, an outdoor gazebo, or for any other purpose.

You can design your own gazebo using our interactive tool.

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