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All of these gazebo videos are worth watching,
come back often and enjoy them at your convenience:

About Us
Assembly Videos
Happy Customer Videos

About Amish Country Gazebos

Four brothers serving you!

This is an entertaining and informative preview of the 12 min. DVD we mail to you with your 48-page catalog (5 min.)

Full-Length DVD

This is full-length version of the DVD we mail to you with your 48-page catalog (14 min.)

Gazebo Prices

Chet Beiler, our Founder & CEO explains pricing for our various gazebo lines (1 min.)

Our Purpose (Shop Tour)

Discover what motivates our Amish carpenters and learn about three generations of craftsmen (2 min.)

Amish Quality

See our Amish workshop (1 min.)

Amish Craftsmen

Old world craftsmanship and evident pride in our work are what makes our gazebos stand apart. (< 1 min.)

Hurricane Gazebo

Gazebo from Amish Country Gazebos survived three hurricanes in Florida (1 min.)

Extreme Makeover

See a beautiful Amish Country Gazebo on this two-minute clip of a favorite episode (2 min.)

The Benefits of Vinyl

An overview of the benefits of vinyl

Assembly Videos

Assembly Video

Watch a time lapsed version of a 12 ft. pagoda custom gazebo being assembled in just one minute. (1 min.)


An Amish Crafted Gazebo-in-a-Box can be assembled in six easy steps (2 min.)

Large Pavilion Assembly

Watch a time lapsed video of a Large Pavilion being assembled (1 min.)

Pergola-in-A-Box Assembly

Watch a time lapsed video of a Pergola-in-A-Box being assembled (1 min.)

Assembly Video By Marilyn Dunn

Gazebo assembly video by Danny and Marilyn Dunn in Nevada (3 min.)

Accessory Information

Gazebo Accessories

Accessories for your gazebo (1 min.)

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans for your gazebo (1 min.)


Heaters for your gazebo (< 1 min.)

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture for your gazebo (< 1 min.)

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker for your gazebo (2 min.)

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