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Some Gazebo-In-a-Box models are in stock and ready to arrive at your door within 2 weeks. Call 800-700-1777 for details.

We offer a more affordable DIY option, a Gazebo-in-a-Box, for homeowners who wish to own a quality Amish-crafted gazebo. The DIY option does not require as many options for customization.

8 foot gazebo in a box
8 Foot Wood Gazebo-in-Box
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gazebo in a box
10 Foot Wood Gazebo-in-Box
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12 foot wood gazebo in a box
12 Foot Wood Gazebo-in-Box
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8 Foot Vinyl Gazebo-in-Box
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10 Foot Vinyl Gazebo-in-Box
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12 Foot Vinyl Gazebo-in-Box
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Your Gazebo Kit includes:

- 7 Wall panels in kit form
- 1 door panel in kit form
- 8 roof panels in kit form
- Shingles
- Ridge cap and extra shingles
- Rafters and fascia boards
- Hardware and roof centerpiece
- Clear assembly instruction
- 10 Year Warranty

Decks, Cupolas, Screens, and Electrical Packages are optional upgrades


Why Our Gazebo-in-a-Box is so Affordable

We make our Gazebo-in-a-Box inventory in bulk during the winter months when we are not as busy. In addition, we mass-produce the interchangeable parts so economies of scale work for you. The sizes, styles, shapes, materials, and options are limited so we can pull your Amish Crafted Gazebo components "off the shelf." 

Your Gazebo-in-a-Box is manufactured in our Amish Country Gazebos facility in Pennsylvania. The same exacting methods we follow to produce an excellent quality custom Amish gazebo are followed to construct your gazebo in a box.


The Difference Between Our Gazebo-in-a-Box & Our Custom Gazebos

A Gazebo-in-a-Box has less lumber than our custom gazebos. The sizes and styles are limited to three sizes (8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet) with one roof style (single-tiered) and one shape (octagonal).


Size Options
Shape Options
Available Upgrades
8', 10', or 12'
Deck, Cupola, Screens, Electrical Package
Custom Amish Country Gazebo
8' to 30'
Octagon, Oval, Rectangle
Deck, Cupola, Two-Tier Roof, Waved Cornice, Victorian Braces, Turned Posts, Stain Colors, Shingle Styles, Screen or Window Package, Electrical Package

The Advantage of Buying Direct

Our gazebo kit product is a better value than what you will find at big box stores because we are the manufacturer.

When you purchase from a big box store like Costco® or Home Depot®, you are paying the profits for the store itself, the distributor who supplies the store, and the manufacturer! Why not purchase directly from the manufacturer?

Buying a Gazebo-in-a-Box from Amish Country Gazebos means you get top-notch customer service and quality at every turn.


A Complete Gazebo Kit

A few tools, an afternoon, and a friend.

That is all it takes!

Your gazebo kit comes with all the parts you need to assemble your gazebo quickly and easily, Lincoln Log–style. All parts fit together with ease. A few simple tools are all you need to complete the assembly. Your gazebo comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book detailing every step.


10-Year Warranty

Your Gazebo-in-a-Box is made with #1 grade hand-selected and kiln-dried lumber. We guarantee all pressure-treated wood will not rot and is resistant to termite infestations. In addition, we guarantee that all vinyl will not crack or discolor.

To Place Your Order

To find out more about our gazebos or to place an order, please call our gazebo experts at 1-800-700-1777.


If You Would Like a More Customized Gazebo

If you like the gazebos you see on this page in either the 8′, 10′ or 12′ size, you will be very happy with your purchase. You can also add any of these additional options or upgrades: 

   - Two-tiered roof.
   - A size or shape other than 8', 10' or 12' octagonal.
   - Victorian braces and posts
   - Turned spindles

Then, you may wish to view our custom gazebos instead. 

Amish Country Gazebos is the preferred choice of top hotels and resorts


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Prices usually range from $3,000 to $30,000.
Pergolas start at $3,000 and average about $8,000.
Gazebos start at $3,000 and average about $10,000.
Pavilions start at $4,000 and average about $12,000.
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