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Whether you call it a weather vane or wind vane, no garden gazebo is complete without one!

Weather vanes are designed to swing easily in the wind. They have been used regularly throughout history by farmers, fishermen and military forces to determine wind direction and weather patterns.

Various animals often adorn the top of weather vanes, especially roosters. Tradition says it was a papal edict of the 9th century which led to the prominence of the rooster weather vane. Based on the story of Peter’s denial of Christ, the pope decreed that all churches should be adorned with a rooster as a reminder of this event. Many of these roosters were eventually made into weather vanes, and the tradition of the rooster weather vane was born.

Weather vanes were particularly popular in early America. Eagles, farm animals, ships and whales gained prominence and could be seen on the weather vanes of many Victorian homes, barns, and outbuildings. These weather vanes were made of wood, hand forged metal, or hammered copper, and those that have survived have become incredibly valuable with time.

Image courtesy avweb.com

Today, weathervanes range from simple plastic figurines to intricate 1/5 scale model planes!  Though usually functional, weather vanes of the 21st century are often merely architectural decorations.

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