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Three Types of Outdoor Structures

Add Beauty and Value to your Home

Outdoor events like cooking, dining, swimming, lounging, watching TV or movies, or playing video games, are a breeze, so to speak, in an individually designed and constructed paviliongazebo, or pergola.

The choice of outdoor structures is likely based on your individual geographical location and climate. Dry desert climates lean towards the open-sided pavilions and open-roofed pergolas; while structures in the humid, rainy, southeastern or tropical climates are often more comfortable with window screens and a water-resistant roof.

In addition to enriching your family life, a quality-built outdoor structure will also add to the value of your property. Almost like adding a room to the house, the more permanent the outdoor structure, the more value you will add to your home.


A Victorian inspired gazebo could serve as a site for a wedding, a romantic dinner for two, or just a stop along the way on a walk with the dogs. A gazebo can be fitted with screens if mosquitos are a problem, and can be built at ground level with a stone, tile or hardwood floor. It could also be raised up a step or two, and gazebo roofs are often topped with a weather vane or small cupola. Filigree railings, latticework and spindles, known as ‘gingerbread,’ are normally characteristics of a gazebo as well, and they are often painted in three-or-four-color Victorian combinations. You can also try your hand at custom gazebo kits

A gazebo is more contained than a pavilion or a pergola, and many are used as fully furnished and appointed outdoor additions to the home. Gazebos are a classic garden structure. The gazebo is a classic garden structure.


Pergolas, Great for Patios & Gardens

There are also a number of outdoor structures such as arbors and arches that are commonly used in gardens, often covered with climbing roses, ivy, or grape vines. They can be used as entrances to the garden, or can be designed to serve as covered walkways either through the garden, or as a passage from one space to the next. Pergolas are often used in this way as well, and can also serve to join one building to the next with a cool, shady conjunction.

As long as there is warm, summer weather, there is demand for exterior structures such as pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos to make outdoor life more pleasant.



If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your yard, you might also consider a pavilion or structure adjoining the pool area to provide some shade from the sun. 

Casual furniture, TVs, video consoles, sound systems, even fans and misters are amenities that can be added to your shade structure. Board games and playing cards, and a snack bar with a fridge for drinks and a microwave for popcorn and other snacks will do a lot to keep the teenagers around, and a breezy, outdoor room might be just the type of space the kids will take over for the summer. Even without a pool, an outdoor room can provide the entire family with a comfortable place to gather in the dog days of summer. 

On the other hand, a casually appointed outdoor room might be a perfect escape for the homeowners, stocked with books, movies, and comfy, overstuffed furniture.


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