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14 Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of unit would fit well in the space I have selected?

All three of our beautiful outdoor structures fit well with virtually any landscape, but they vary in design and openness.

Gazebos provide the most closed and defined outdoor space. They have lower rails which create an intimate enclosed space that truly functions as an outdoor room.

Pergolas or pavilions have no lower rails, providing a more open feel while still giving definition to your outdoor space. While a pavilion has a solid, closed roof, a pergola features slatted roofing for a more open feel. Adding a retractable canopy to any pergola provides additional protection from rain and intense sunlight.

What should I consider when choosing between wood, vinyl, or aluminum?

If you want a natural look and feel, our hand-selected beautiful wood is right for you. We offer a wide range of stains that bring out the grain of the wood for a rich appearance.

Over 50% of our customers select our high-quality, maintenance-free vinyl. Each spring you can wash the vinyl like you would wash a car and your gazebo, pergola, or pavilion will look like new again! No re-painting or re-staining is required.

Aluminum is reserved for pergolas only.

How do I choose the right size?

Send us a few pictures of the space you have selected for your new landscape structure and one of our designers will guide you in determining the right size for you. Refer to the site preparation pages in our price guide for dimensions on most of our structures. When in doubt, go bigger. We have never had a customer complain that the gazebo or pergola they purchased was too large. But some have wished they had gone larger.

Do you make custom sizes/styles that aren’t in the catalog?

Yes, we consider nearly any size. While modifying our normal product line may require more time for engineering and production, we want to serve you according to your preferences. 95% of the structures we produce fall within the options shown on our website and in our catalog, but we are not afraid of the other 5%. It’s our pleasure to work with our capable craftsmen to help create the perfect structure for you.

Should I add an electrical package?

Our electrical package will enhance your outdoor experience by providing more ways to enjoy your structure. 90% of customers get our electrical package because it makes your outdoor room more functional allowing you to add lights and a ceiling fan, a TV or radio, and perhaps a blender for cool summer drinks. The wiring is concealed inside one of the posts and through the roof for a clean, finished, look. We provide a switch and two receptacles.

How do I prepare my site?

Our structures require a firm foundation. Many customers in the Mid-Atlantic region ask our experienced site prep crew to provide this popular “turnkey solution”. We will happily install a pier under each post or a crushed stone foundation for your gazebo deck, and we can even install a concrete pad. If your local landscape contractor is preparing your site, we provide instructions in our price guide, and we are available to give support over the phone.

How do I put it together?

You have three great options for assembly: do it yourself, hire a local contractor, or let our skilled craftsmen do it for you!

Our Amish-made modular gazebo, pergola, and pavilion kits are easy to assemble. Most of our kits can be assembled by two or three people in just a day or two. It’s a satisfying weekend project!

Many of our customers prefer a “turnkey solution” and choose our capable installers to assemble their gazebo, pergola, or pavilion kit. Our crews have gone all over the USA, and they really enjoy assembling our kits. We also have a network of approved installers in many parts of the country.

Why should I choose Amish Country Gazebos if I can get a cheaper option somewhere else?

At Amish Country Gazebos, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled Amish quality craftsmanship. We use the best lumber, the best hardware, the best vinyl materials, the best design, and the best team to create the best outdoor structure for you. We back this up with a lifetime warranty. We are the manufacturers working directly with you— no middleman. We bring over 30 years of experience providing excellence with integrity to serve you, our valued customers.

How does it come when it’s delivered?

Over the decades, our customers have expressed great satisfaction with our excellent delivery practices. Don’t believe us? Read our 500+ raving customer reviews on our website! Each component of our excellently packed modular kit is clearly identified, well organized, and carefully secured on a pallet. Our “in-a-box” units are packed in boxes that can be carried by two people. The assembly manuals are thorough, clearly illustrated, and easy to follow. You won’t need to run to the store for any materials.

How do I place my order?

Let one of our experienced designers be your guide. Adding a new outdoor room is a big investment, and we want you to be thrilled with the final result. In addition to our robust website, we offer a beautiful catalog and helpful price guide to help inform your decision. Let us mail it to you so we can better guide you. After you have designed your structure, we can take your order over the phone.

Tell me about the screen package and EZE-BREEZE window system for gazebos.

Screened gazebos are popular in areas where bugs and mosquitoes are prevalent. Our handcrafted aluminum screen door is among the most durable available. For a closer look, check out the detailed drawings in your price guide.

Many homeowners upgrade to our three-season window system enclosure; the popular EZE-BREEZE window/screen combination. It’s easy to clean and simple to operate. This is a high-quality investment that will provide great value and last for decades.

Do you really offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY?

Yes! Throughout our four decades of serving more than 30,000 customers, we have consistently guaranteed that our custom-built gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions will remain structurally sound for a lifetime— and they have! Because our high-quality lumber is pressure treated, it stays free from rot or termites. The virgin resin in our vinyl materials protects against discoloration or deterioration. See our LIFETIME WARRANTY certificate for more details.

Our “in-a-box” units come with a Ten-Year Warranty.

What about hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes?

Our structures have survived hurricanes, blizzards, and even earthquakes, though earthquakes are not formally covered under our warranty. Our custom built structures are designed to withstand winds of up to 110 MPH and snow loads of 30lbs psf.  We offer a Hurricane Package which is popular with home owners and contractors in Florida and the Caribbean.

Do I need a permit?

Not necessarily. Building permit requirements depend on the size of your gazebo, pergola, or pavilion, and vary widely across regional building and safety departments and homeowners associations. Some jurisdictions, especially in rural areas, are relatively lenient while others dictate property line setbacks and even site preparation details. We provide the structural engineered drawings needed to fulfill everything your building department might require. Let us help make the process easy for you.
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Gazebos start at $3,000 and average about $12,000.
Pavilions start at $3,000 and average about $16,000.
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