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10 Amish Myths, Debunked

When it comes to the lifestyle of the Amish, folklore, fantasy and fascination abound.  Here a 10 common myths about the Amish, and the facts on each: 1.  All Amish are farmers While many Amish continue the generational tradition of farming, numerous Amish have chosen to enter other sectors.  Many Amish are exceptional carpenters and [...]

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10 Ways a Gazebo Makes Summer Better

Summer is here! Time to fire up the barbecue, get outside and enjoy the sunshine with friends and family.  Ready to enhance your summer lifestyle?  Here's 10 ways a gazebo can make your summer even better... 1.  Time to party! Add some bluetooth speakers and our electrical package to your gazebo to light up the [...]

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Amish Cooking

Buggies.  Bonnets.  Farming.  These aren't the only things the Amish are famous for!  They're also distinguished by their incredible home cooking and delicious recipes! Though all Amish cooking has a distinct deliciousness, there are a number of dishes the Amish are particularly famous for.  We've listed a few below; check out more on our Amish [...]

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Gazebo Accessories

You've bought and assembled your gazebo.  Your friends and family love it.  You love it.  But is seems like something is missing. Maybe you want to use your gazebo year round?  Or you're looking for some music for your party?  Perhaps it's a place to sit that you're after.  Whatever it is, our new line [...]

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Amish or Mennonite?

For those who don't grow up in or around plain communities, the different sects of Amish and Mennonite groups can be extremely confusing.  We at Amish Country Gazebos are often asked the question, "What's the difference between the Amish and the Mennonites?" The Amish and Mennonites both originated from the Anabaptist movement (those who rejected [...]

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Gazebos, Pergolas, and Pagodas

What's the difference between gazebos, pergolas, and pagodas?   It has come to our attention that there is a great deal of confusion in this world regarding not only what a gazebo is, but also what a gazebo isn't.   These, for example, are not gazebos: If it can blow away in the wind... it's [...]

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An Amish Christmas

Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year!  But an Amish Christmas is not a time for Jack Frost, elves, or visiting Santa Claus.  Rather, the Amish Christmas is focused on the celebration of Christ's birth. As the holiday approaches, some Amish families may decorate with greens inside their homes. Christmas cookies and candy [...]

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Amish Woodworking

Though generally thought of as farmers, the Amish have for centuries been excellent woodworkers.  However, it wasn't until recent times that this skill became recognized on a wide scale. Jim Seida / The Amish use only real wood in their projects - no particle board will ever measure up to the exemplary [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving... it's a time of family, football, and... shopping.  But it wasn't always like this.  Except for the family part. It was September, 1620.  The Pilgrims had just landed near Cape Cod and set about establishing a village in Plymouth.  Through an incredibly harsh winter, the Pilgrims lost more than half of those who had [...]

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Gazebos in the Movies

Some of America's most beloved movie scenes involve a gazebo.  There are also many gazebos in the movies that we tend to forget.  Let's remember! Possibly the most famous gazebo of all time, from The Sound of Music. Another gazebo in a timeless classic - the moment Gilbert tells Anne he's engaged in Anne of Avonlea. And [...]

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