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What is a Pavilion?

wood pavilion with picnic bench

Pavilions are open structures that offer shade and shelter for outdoor restaurant seating, gardens, parks, schools, and more. They are the perfect gathering place for any event! Whether you are looking to add a shaded structure to your landscaping or a place to host events and gatherings, a pavilion from Amish Country Gazebos offers the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. 

Types of Pavilions

Wood Pavilions

Our wood pavilions are crafted with only the finest, hand-selected, #1-grade, pressure-treated, twice kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine. Southern Yellow Pine is known for its strength and durability. Which is why it is commonly used to build wooden roller coasters. 

Wood Pavilion Options

A wood pavilion is a perfect place to entertain in your backyard. Our Standard Pavilion features:

  • Option to add a cupola
  • Braces
  • 6" x 6" Square Posts
  • Post Skirt

The standard pavilion is also offered in vinyl. 

Vinyl Pavilions

Vinyl Pavilions are popular because they are generally less maintenance than wooden pavilions. Termites and rot are no danger to vinyl structures. When you select a vinyl pavilion from Amish Country Gazebos, you can rest knowing it will not fade, yellow, or crack. It will hold its smooth texture and strength. 

Vinyl Pavilion Options

Vinyl pavilions generally require less maintenance than wooden ones, but many homeowners also want beautiful wood in their structures. This is why the ceiling of our vinyl pavilions is made with our hand-selected lumber. The ceiling is stained a rich mahogany color and is a beautiful contrast to the white vinyl. 

The Tuscany Pavilion features:

  • 10" Roman Columns
  • Dentil Molding
  • Arched Headers
  • Post Skirt

The Tuscany Pavilion is only available in vinyl. 

Pavilion Accessories and Customizable Options

Electrical Package

The pavilion electrical package includes a switch that has the ability to control a light, a fan, and a duplex receptacle. The duplex receptacle has two outlets on one box. Enough wiring to run from an electrical source to the top of a structure for a fan or light is also included. 

Electrical Package for Wood Pavilions

The wood pavilion electrical package also includes a wooden trim piece. This is to conceal the wiring on the outside of the post. 

Electrical Package for Vinyl Pavilions

The vinyl pavilion electrical package runs wiring up the cedar or vinyl sleeve, so it is concealed. 

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great accessory for your pavilion. The lights on the fan give you the ability to enjoy your pavilion in the evenings. The fan adds a breeze, which is perfect for enjoying your pavilion during the hot summer months. 

Amish Country Gazebos offers a 42” Light/Fan in Red Brass. The fan also contains 5 reversible black/mahogany blades.


Amish Country Gazebos offers a more affordable, DIY option for those who wish to own a gazebo. Our pavilion kit is easy to handle since it is packed inside boxes, which can be carried by two people. There is no need for a forklift or even a lift gate for off-loading. 

The Pavilion-in-a-Box has a roof 12’ wide x 15’ long, and the base is 10’ wide x 12’ long. Making it the perfect carport or a sturdy shaded structure in your backyard. They are made with pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine. The dimensional lumber used for this pavilion is smaller than the more hearty lumber used in our larger pavilions, which is why the price is so low. Still, these structures are built to last and will provide a lifetime of memories.

What's Included with a Pavilion-In-A-Box?

  • Hand-selected, Grade A, pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber. (The same lumber used to build roller coasters and boardwalks!)
  • All components are milled, sanded, cut, and notched to fit together perfectly. 
  • 4 handsome posts with an elegant superior design on the bottom 3 feet of each post. 
  • Sturdy, easy-to-handle roof rafters that are notched for precise positioning on the beams. 
  • High-quality metal roof with all the pieces cut to size. 
  • Thorough step-by-step assembly instructions with many illustrations and pictures. 

No cutting is needed, and all hardware is included. Two people can assemble in one day. 

Pavilion in a Box Measurements

Pavilion-In-A-Box Assembly

The Pavilion-in-a-Box is easy to assemble in 3 steps. 

  1. Assemble and erect the posts and beams
  2. Assemble and install the rafters
  3. Attach the metal roof to the rafters. No cutting is required. All hardware provided.

How to Landscape a Pavilion

Pavilions can help enhance your outdoor living experience. They can add detail and functionality to a landscape. You can entertain and dine with guests, host parties, or relax and read a book. It is a great way to add shade to your backyard, and you can even consider adding a creeping vine or retractable canopy to add additional shade.

Pavilions Over a Walkway

A garden walkway or backyard path is much more elegant and beautiful with a pavilion arching over the top of it. 

Lighting On and Around Your Pavilion

String decorative lights around the beams or add LED lights in the landscaping around your pavilion. 

Pavilion with a Finished Ceiling

If you add a finished ceiling to your pavilion it creates a lot of opportunities for adding a ceiling fan or lighting on the ceiling. 

Drape Curtains

To create more privacy, you can drape curtains around the pavilion.

Complement Details of Your Home

Customize your pavilion to match the style and architecture of your home. This way it is a true extension of your home.

Add Outdoor Heating

Outdoor fireplaces can bring a beautiful ambiance to your pavilion and backyard. This will give you the ability to use your space even if it is cold.

Add Steps

If your pavilion is designed to overlook your landscaping, elevating it on steps is a great way to add elegance and beauty. This also gives a special distinction to your outdoor room.

  • Outdoor pavilion with lighting and kitchen
  • pavilion with drape curtains next to a pool
  • Vinyl Pavilion next to a pool
  • Wood pavilion with string lights
  • large pavilion next to a swimming pool with outdoor furniture
  • 12 x 14 pavilion
  • 12 x 14 pavilion next to a pool
  • pergola next to a pool at sunset
  • vinyl pavilion with teal curtains
  • pavilion with outdoor lighting and outdoor kitchen

Customizing Your Pavilion

Amish Country Gazebos offers the ability to customize your own pavilion to help truly make your structure your own. We offer hundreds of options for customization. Use our Design Your Own Pavilion tool to create your perfect gazebo!

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Pergolas start at $3,000 and average about $8,000.
Gazebos start at $3,000 and average about $12,000.
Pavilions start at $3,000 and average about $16,000.
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