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Top 10 Reasons to Add a Greenhouse to Your Backyard

8 x 12 EZ Greenhouse

1. Extend Your Growing Season

Greenhouses create the perfect weather conditions that allow you to start growing plants earlier and extend the growing season into the fall and winter. Allowing you to enjoy fresh produce all year, regardless of the local climate. 

2. Start Seeds Early and Inside

Climates can be very unpredictable, which causes timing problems when starting seeds. A greenhouse solves this timing issue by controlling the climate inside and creating an environment for you to start planting seeds sooner.

3. Expand Variety of Vegetables and Flowers

Because greenhouses control the climate and create a stable environment for growing, the variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers you can grow expands. It also allows you to experiment with growing exotic or unusual vegetables, flowers, or fruits that may not be suitable for your local climate. 

4. Protection from Extreme Weather

Greenhouses provide a protective place to grow plants away from extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, hail, snow, high winds, extreme heat, and more. This protects your plants from any damage that might occur from these types of weather events. 

5. Protect Plants from Bugs, Birds, and Rabbits

In addition to protection from extreme weather, greenhouses also provide protection from pests such as mites, slugs, rabbits, birds, and more. This protects your plants from any damage that can occur from these pests.

6. Bigger, Healthier, and Faster-Growing Plants

Due to the warmer soil and steady growing conditions inside of a greenhouse, more seeds will germinate, and seedlings will be stronger. The climate inside of a greenhouse will produce a healthier crop than growing outside alone. 

7. Maintain Consistent Moisture and Temperature

Greenhouses allow you to control the temperature, humidity, and ventilation to create the perfect environment to grow your plants. You can also control the nutrients and water your crops receive, which helps prevent nutrient deficiencies and over or under-watering. 

8. Grow Your Own Food

Eating fresh, organic produce is good for your health. By growing your own food in your greenhouse, you can ensure that your produce is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

9. Store Containers, Tools, and Gardening Supplies

Greenhouses allow you to grow more plants in a smaller space and give you a designated area to store your gardening tools and equipment. 

10. Make Lifelong Memories with Kids and Grandkids!

Our greenhouses allow you to spend time and garden with your kids and grandkids! It is the perfect way to help get them closer to nature and learn about gardening, biology, and sustainability. 

Types of Greenhouses

8 x 8 Greenhouse

The 8 x 8 Greenhouse is our smallest greenhouse and is perfect for those with a small space but still want a designated place to grow plants and flowers. 

Dimensions: 96 1/4" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 550 lbs

8 X 8 EZ Greenhouse

8 x 12 Greenhouse

The 8 x 12 EZ Greenhouse has 96 square feet of growing space, giving you plenty of room to grow and extra space for storing your gardening supplies. 

Dimensions: 144 3/8" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 700 lbs

8 x 12 EZ Greenhouse

8 x 16 Greenhouse 

The 8 x 16 EZ Greenhouse is the perfect option for those who want more growing space and extra storage space. 128 square feet gives you lots of space to work with! 

Dimensions: 192 1/2" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 850 lbs

8 x 16 Greenhouse in a Box

8 x 20 Greenhouse

Our biggest greenhouse, 8 x 20, is the best option for those with a lot of space to fill in their backyard. 160 square feet gives you lots of space to grow and extra space to store all of your gardening supplies and tools in one convenient place. 

Dimensions: 240 5/8" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 1,000 lbs

8 x 20 EZ Greenhouse

What's Included With Our Greenhouses?

Our greenhouse kits are made with hand-selected, Grade A, pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber. This lumber is high-quality and durable. It is commonly used to build roller coasters and boardwalks! The roof and wall panels are heavy-duty, 8 mm multi-wall polycarbonate. This UV-resistant greenhouse material is 12 times lighter than glass. 

An exhaust fan with a thermospeed controller is also included, which allows you to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. 

All components of our greenhouses are milled, sanded, cut, and notched to fit together perfectly. The wall and roof sections come pre-assembled, making the assembly process easy!

Greenhouse Accessories

Potting Tables

Our plastic-topped potting table is perfect for displaying flourishing plant life. Designed with square holes, it allows potting soil, water, and other debris to fall through, keeping a clean workspace in your greenhouse. 

Product Information:

  • Durable and lightweight, with no sagging
  • Can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures
  • Flats, plug trays, and pots slide easily over the surface 
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Will not rust or decay
  • Inorganic -  prevents the growth of mold and fungus
EZ Greenhouse Potting Tables


A workbench adds functionality and convenience to your greenhouse. Giving you the space to start seeds, plant flowers, and more. 

Product Information:

  • Hand-selected, Grade A, Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber
  • All components are milled, sanded, cut, and notched to fit together perfectly
EZ Greenhouse Workbench

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