Georgia Pergolas

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Georgia Pergolas

Georgia hosts one of the worlds largest aquariums, beautiful landscapes to hike, and a rich history of civil rights leaders and historic cobblestone towns. It goes without saying, Georgia is one of the most beautiful and historic states in America. It is not uncommon to see residents enjoying time outside with friends and family. Amish Country Gazebos accommodates the Georgia lifestyle with custom designed pergolas.

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Pergolas are not the only outdoor structure Amish Country designs. We also design gazebos and pavilions. Our gazebos can also be custom designed and made to your specifications. Increase the value of your home with one of our many outdoor structures. For as long as you are in your home, we will protect any outdoor structure you buy from us, with our lifetime guarantee. Whether it is from insects or rot, we will cover any structural damage.

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Prices usually range from $3,000 to $30,000.
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Gazebos start at $2,600 and average about $10,000.
Pavilions start at $3,400 and average about $12,000.
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