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Amish Country Gazebo prides itself on having some of the best outdoor structures in the nation. Taking the time to evaluate and carve each piece, you are guaranteed to have the highest of quality when it comes to outdoor structures. Choose from some of our many styles or speak with one of our designers and get a custom-designed outdoor structure. All of our products are handcrafted by highly skilled Amish craftsmen, with only the best lumber is used to make each piece.

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Outdoor cabana kit for backyard

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Designing your pergola is simple & straightforward because we offer two styles (Montana & Classic) in two materials (Wood or Vinyl). Please review the charts below to see which one may be a better solution for your outdoor space.


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Backyard, Patio, and Pool Outdoor Structures

Gazebos – Rectangle, hexagon or octagon shaped outdoor structures with a Victorian design. Perfect for weddings, romantic dinners, sitting areas, and barbecues. Gazebos built at ground level can include your choice of flooring, stone, tile, or hardwood in multiple colors. Raised gazebos have steps that lead into your comfy outdoor room. Here at Amish Country Gazebos, we design all our structures with the utmost convenience for our customers. Gazebo roofs are often topped with a weather vane or small cupola, filigree railings, latticework, spindles, and even screens to protect you and your loved ones from insects such as mosquitos.

Pavilions – A beautiful open walled outdoor structure perfect for building near a swimming pool to provide some shade from the sun. Add anything from patio chairs and tables to televisions and sound systems to your pavilion. Even without a swimming pool, pavilions are the perfect outdoor structures to entertain and relax.

Pergolas – Add an elegant structure to your garden area or space. Have you ever wanted that natural vine look from your roses, ivy or grapes growing up the side of buildings? Pergolas are the perfect outdoor structure for all gardens. Designed with an open roof style, it provides the perfect balance of shade and sunlight for your plants. Pergolas can be used for more than just plants, have one built on to a deck or next to a building to add a comfortable shaded area.

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Prices usually range from $2,000 to $30,000.
Pergolas start at $2,000 and average about $5,000.
Gazebos start at $2,500 and average about $10,000.
Pavilions start at $3,000 and average about $12,000.
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When you open our full-color catalog, we’re sure you will see why Amish Country Gazebos is your best option for a gazebo, pergola or pavilion for your home or business. You’ll immediately begin dreaming about the perfect addition to your peaceful outdoor setting.
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