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How about an Octagon instead?

A gazebo designed in the classic Amish style adds beauty and also functionality to any property. Homeowners who design their property appearance around landscaping and entertainment areas often add a well-built, yet affordable wood or vinyl gazebo with a shingled roof.

Many people look for a “hexagon gazebo”, but in reality, most gazebos are octagonal in shape. The hexagon has six sides, with a boxed look. The octagon adds two more sides, and has eight in total. This style looks more rounded as well as pleasant. Our company offers you the opportunity to select a customized octagon gazebo kit, ready for immediate construction and also setup.

Octagon gazebos are especially popular because they are very strong considering the small number of construction materials used. They offer cool shade for family gatherings, options such as heating and ventilation systems, and also simplistic beauty. Our models include do-it-yourself kits, larger styles that can be built with the aid of an experienced contractor, as well as a huge assortment of roofing material choices.

hexagon gazebo
Hexagon Gazebo
octagon gazebo

Amish Style Gazebos

Custom-crafted Amish octagon gazebos feature treated wood planks as well as columns. These are very attractive because they present an authentic, classic look. Amish gazebos blend very well with the surrounding foliage and are also the perfect complement to a backyard swimming pool or barbecue area.

Another popular choice for many property owners is the vinyl gazebo. These structures can be nearly any color, and are also generally topped with fine-quality wood or metal shingles. If you are looking for a sturdy structure that can be colorized to your desire, check out the available styles here on our product pages.

Octagon Styles Are Strong

An octagon gazebo makes use of better geometry than a hexagon gazebo. Much like a geodesic dome is very strong for its weight, octagon gazebos require a limited amount of wood or metal construction material. This makes them quite affordable, and the obtuse angles of the interior means plenty of space for benches, grills, as well as even portable heating or refrigeration systems.

We Ship DIY Kits To You

Even if you have no experience in carpentry, our custom gazebo kits are manufactured to be set up with ease. You may need some help from a local contractor, and we are happy to assist with finding one. All of our kits are shipped complete with all wood and metal materials included, most of the hardware you need to complete construction, and simple-to-understand instruction manuals. 

To keep your cost low, you may want to have your contractor purchase the kit for you. If the contractor is able to make bulk purchases, the price for you, the consumer, goes down. We ship all across the nation and can have your package ready for delivery within weeks of your order.

Fully Functional Gazebo Designs

These Amish octagon gazebo models are built with functionality and comfort in mind. They can be purchased with optional windows or pull-down shades, various roof shingle styles, and even screen doors. 

Electrical hookups mean you can install ceiling fans, heaters, or even small appliances such as a refrigerator or cooler. You can also order a special design that includes a deck. Whichever model you select, you will find that the outstanding craftsmanship and superior materials quality is matched by the structure’s user-friendliness.

Select The Right Model For You

Feel free to navigate our website and look over the kit designs. Most can be customized according to the buyer’s wishes. If you need help in selecting the right size and style, contact one of our expert design representatives. Our Amish-style octagon (not hexagon) gazebos are crafted with care, are built to last for decades, and significantly increase the overall value of your property. 

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