Gazebos in the Movies

Some of America’s most beloved movie scenes involve a gazebo.  There are also many gazebos in the movies that we tend to forget.  Let’s remember!

Possibly the most famous gazebo of all time, from The Sound of Music.

The Most Famous Gazebo

Another gazebo in a timeless classic – the moment Gilbert tells Anne he’s engaged in Anne of Avonlea.

The Gazebo in Anne of Avonlea

And for winner of the the teen craze vote, we give you the gazebo scene of Twilight.

The gazebo from Twilight

Another teen favorite also had a pivotal gazebo moment, A Cinderella Story.

The most decorated gazebo ever

How about a classic look at gazebos in the movies?  Back to the land before technicolor with this rainy gazebo scene from the Fred Astaire classic, Top Hat.

The gazebo from Top Hat

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