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Wooden Pergolas

There are many enhancements and upgrades that you could make to your yard to make it a more enjoyable, inviting and all-around beautiful place, but one of the top options to consider is to install a new wooden pergola. A pergola provides you, your family and your guests with a dedicated place to relax and unwind outdoors.

The beauty and style of a pergola can add classic, traditional charm to your space with incredible results. By spending more time learning about the benefits of a pergola and the design options, you may decide that this is the right feature to add to your yard.

There are many different reasons why people are drawn to pergolas: their function and customizations. There are numerous styles of pergolas to consider, including pavilions, gazebo-style pergolas and pergolas that are freestanding or semi-attached to the home. While some are made of a vinyl material, there are also wooden pergolas that can be painted or stained to suit your preferences. Some may provide you with an open-air experience, and others may have a partial or full roof with a screen enclosure. This can add to the function of your pergola as the seasons change.

The Look and Function of a Wooden Pergola

After you have decided that wooden pergolas are desired on your property, your next task is to find the right pergola for your home. Consider each area of your yard you plan to construct the pergola as well as the amount of level space available for the construction project. Then, you can review the different styles and designs that are available in dimensions that suit your needs. Keep in mind that the wood colors as well as the screens, doors and other unique elements can be ordered with a pergola kit to customize it to meet your needs.

While you could pour a concrete slab foundation, use pavers or add shade with an awning or an umbrella, these features lack the grace, function and style of a pergola. If you are interested in adding a feature to your home that enhances its value and that will be a treasured addition to your space for years to come, a wooden pergola is the right option for your home. You can begin exploring some of the many lovely styles available and you can finalize your plans by selecting the features to customize it perfectly.

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