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Few things can add function to your yard in a more stylish way than a gazebo. A gazebo is a permanent structure that can be customized to fit your needs to perfection and is a truly excellent addition to your outdoor space. A gazebo is ideal for entertaining guests and can be the perfect place to relax while enjoying quiet time alone or with your family. While there are numerous types of gazebos that you can build, the best option is a hardtop gazebo. We make your decision easy with our extensive range of gazebo designs and style options. Try our “Design Your Own Gazebo“ tool and see just how easy it can be.

Handmade High Quality

We sell Amish–built-gazebos made from wood or vinyl. Our do-it-yourself kits are designed to be easy to install, and you can choose from a wide range of designs to meet your needs and goals. This will be a permanent addition to your space, so you want it to enhance the look of your property, regarding the materials and colors used, and you will not be disappointed with the selection available through our company. Hardtop gazebos are a real improvement to your home, and ours are designed to look great and to have minimal maintenance requirements over the years. These have hard roofs that will provide you with excellent shade from the sun and protection from the elements. Traditional or wood shingles and metal roofs are available options on our hardtop gazebo kits, giving you the ability to customize your gazebo to match the look of your home. Color options for your shingles and metal roofing materials are plentiful.

hardtop gazebo

Choose Your Gazebo Type

Amish Country Gazebos is here to offer custom gazebos that you can design yourself. Our website can help you to design your own gazebo to your specifications. Our gazebos come with different options that we offer for our gazebos such as fans, hot tubs, and blinds.


Start Designing!

Make a Hardtop Gazebo Your Own Space

Hardtop gazebos can be as simple or as sophisticated in their design as you desire. While the exterior of the gazebos an be customized with gorgeous results that you will love, you can also add features to the interior to enhance your comfort. Screen and doors can be added to your gazebo to partially or fully enclose the space and can give you greater enjoyment during the cooler or wetter months of the year. 

While we sell our high-quality do-it-yourself kits directly to homeowners, we also sell our products to local contractors. Our gazebo kits are designed to be affordable for you to purchase and easy to install for most skill levels, but contractors are available if requested.

A hardtop gazebo will be a truly treasured and valuable addition to your property, and we are your best source for high-quality Amish gazebo kits. You can begin reviewing some of the different styles of our Amish-made hardtop gazebos today to find styles that will look fabulous on your property, and you can customize the look and interior features of your gazebo precisely to your specifications.

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