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Great Gazebo Images Generate More Leads

Great Images Only

To earn new customers online, you must pass two tests. First, they must be able to find your website. Second, they must like what they see on your website. It sounds simple enough, but most contractors are nowhere near giving consumers the experience they are looking for. Here are a few tips on how you can use gazebo images to make your website’s visitors convert into sales leads. Not every image must be shot by a professional photographer, but every image must look great. While a great image can make your phone ring, a bad image can actually do harm.

Buy a Nice Camera ($199+)

Some phones take great images, but a typical point-and-shoot camera will beat it every time. The optical zoom of a standard point-and-shoot camera will give you more flexibility to compose great gazebo images.

gazebo with two tiered roof and screens

When You Shoot, Shoot a Lot

A good image gallery for an outdoor project needs between nine and 16 gazebo images to demonstrate enough details to the visitor. To get 16 good images of an in-ground pool, plan to shoot at least 100 pictures on-site. Take before, during, and after shots of all the work you do. Take photos at wide angles and zoom in; the perspective of each shot can create dramatically different images. Don’t post them all; choose only the best images to share with your visitors.

Everything You Offer Needs Images

If you sell it, there is somebody looking to buy it. Don’t make visitors ask if you offer a particular service. Show them all that you do in bright, beautiful images.

wooden pergola

Hire a Professional

Depending on your type of work, you may only need to do this for your biggest and best projects. Contractors specializing in large custom jobs should factor the cost of professional images into every project they complete. Professional photography can run from $100 to $1500 per shoot; choose the price range that is most appropriate for the work you are doing. 

Rename Image Files

Search engines still cannot understand the content of an image on your website. Renaming files and adding relevant titles, metas, and captions will help search engines lead more customers to your website.

Take Advantage of Free Images

Most manufacturers offer free images they have paid a lot of money to create. For example, Amish Country Gazebos offers an extensive gallery of images that can be used by any member of their Preferred Contractor Network. Amish Country Gazebos will even help you create an entire page on your website for free.  If you don’t have a page dedicated to outdoor structures on your website, call our digital marketing experts, Long Point Digital (970-549-0777), and they will create one for you.


10' octagon wood gazebo with screens and canyon brown stain

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