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How to Build a Pergola

If you’re looking to update the aesthetic appeal of your home by providing shaded seating areas outdoors, building a pergola would be the perfect fit for you.



A pergola is a popular design from the Italian renaissance. Originally designed for shade from midday sunshine, pergolas now have a variety of uses and appeal. Today pergolas are perfect to cover walkways, outdoor kitchens, gardens and more. If you are looking to build a quick and easy structure that will add outdoor appeal to your home and its visitors, a pergola is the feature you need.

Things you should know about a pergola

Pergolas are a rectangular shape made up of several boards to create rafters secured on top of a four-legged base. The rafter roof design only provides mild shade from the sun, so installing a canopy system to your pergola is recommended for full coverage on those hot sunny days. You can build pergolas in a variety of sizes that are 8+ feet tall and wide. The simplistic design, installation, and variety of uses makes pergolas a desired structure when it comes to landscaping your property.


Building a pergola with your own two hands has never been easier.

Cost to Build a Pergola

Finding all the materials needed in order to build a pergola can add up quick, not to mention the cost of the tools needed and the time spent making each piece. If price is one of the most important factors when it comes to you owning a pergola, we have the perfect solution for you, Amish Country Gazebos provides pressure-treated wood, handcrafted legs with elegant designs, and all the hardware you need in order to assemble your very own pergola. We design ready to build pergolas in two sizes of pergolas 8 x 10 and 10 x 12.

Ready to Build Pergola

If you’re looking to build your own pergola, look no further than our pergola-in-a-box options. Not only will the parts to your pergola be made by traditional Amish craftsmen, but it will also be made with the finest quality pressure treated pine

Here is what’s included in your ready to build Pergola-in-a-box:

  • Hand Selected, Grade A, pressure treated southern yellow pine.
  • All components are milled, sanded, cut and notched to fit together perfectly
  • Four posts with elegant designs.
  • Through step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • No cutting required and all hardware is included.


A & B = center to center of post measurement
C & D = overall roof length measurement
E = overall height measurement
Arched roof runs the width of the pergola.

Size 10’x12′ 12’x14′
A 7′ 3⅞’ 9′ 3⅞’
B 9′ 4⅝’ 11′ 4⅝’
C 9′ 7½’ 11′ 7½’
D 11′ 7¾’ 13′ 7¾’
E 8′ 4¾’ 8′ 4¾’
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Pergola’s In A Box


Design and customize your own pergola and we’ll ship it to you.

Build a Custom Pergola

If you’re looking for a more customizable option when it comes to building your own pergola, Amish Country Gazebos can help with that. Ranging from 8’x8′ – 16’x32′, your options for pergola sizes are greatly increased when you customize your own. We can get you everything you need to build your own pergola in either wood or vinyl.

Stains and Sizes

  • Classic Wood
  • Classic Vinyl
  • Montana Cedar
  • Montana Vinyl
8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′
8×8 10×10 12×12 14×14 16×16
8×10 10×12 12×14 14×16 16×20
8×12 10×14 12×16 14×20 16×24
8×14 10×16 12×20 14×24 16×28
8×16 10×20 12×24 14×28 16×32
Customize A Pergola

Pergola Kits

Get the closest thing to building “from scratch.’ — with pressure-treated, handcrafted lumber, you are guaranteed to get the best quality of materials to build your own pergola. Our DIY pergola kits are perfect for saving money, time, and frustration.

Wooden Pergolas

Wood pergolas are a traditional look. Each wooden pergolas come with decorative posts, pressure-treated pine or cedar wood. All of your pergola pieces can be stained for you in either cedar, canyon brown, cider or mahogany.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas are low maintenance outdoor structures with high-quality pressure-treated wood protected in vinyl sleeves.

When you order a pergola kit, know that you are getting a pergola that has been handcrafted by Amish craftsmen and comes with a lifetime warranty against termites and rot.

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Have Questions? We can help.

Amish Country Gazebos is here to help you find the perfect kit to build your own pergola. If you have any questions and would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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