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Chicken Coop for the Soul

OverEZ Chicken Coop, our sister company, offers a wide selection of quality-made Amish chicken coops and accessories. Providing a variety of soul-enriching benefits, including:

  • Helping children get closer to nature
  • Bringing life and joy to your home
  • Healthier eating with fresh, organic eggs!
  • Make memories that last a lifetime

Chicken Coops

OverEZ Chicken Coop offers 5 sizes of Amish chicken coops perfect for housing 5-20 chickens, depending on the size of the chicken coop. All coops are quality-made and made in the USA by Amish-trained craftsmen. 


Coop in a Box

The Coop in a Box holds up to 5 chickens and includes a detachable run and panels that allow chickens to run under the coop. It also includes a screened window, 2 nesting boxes, 2 roosts, and more!


OverEZ Chicken Coop in a Box

Small Chicken Coop 

The Small Chicken Coop holds up to 5 chickens. It includes a variety of great features, 2 nesting boxes, 2 vents, 1 screened window, flooring and siding with treated resin, and more! This coop also assembles in less than 60 minutes. 

Small OverEZ Chicken Coop

Medium Chicken Coop

The Medium Chicken Coop holds up to 10 chickens. This coop assembles in less than 60 minutes and includes many great features. Including, a radiant barrier on the ceiling to keep the coop cool in summer, 3 nesting boxes, 1 screened window, and much more. 

Medium OverEZ Chicken coop

Large Chicken Coop

The Large Chicken Coop holds up to 15 chickens. This coop also assembles in less than 60 minutes. It includes 2 screened windows, 5 nesting boxes, treated flooring and siding, and more great features!

Large OverEZ Chicken Coop

XL Chicken Coop

The XL Chicken Coop holds up to 20 chickens. Including great features like 3 screened windows, 6 nesting boxes, 2 vents, and more! This coop assembles in less than 60 minutes.

OverEZ XL Chicken Coop

Assembly is EZ!

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