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9x9 Gazebos

9×9 gazebos are smaller gazebos constructed of wood or vinyl and transform backyards into beautiful entertainment areas. Homes with backyard pools often have a gazebo structure nearby, which increases the usefulness of the yard from a recreational or relaxation standpoint. The Amish style of 9×9 gazebos construction only uses high-quality materials, making the structure very strong for its weight. In addition, it makes the 9x9 gazebos affordable to all.

The small octagonal shape of Amish-style gazebos makes them perfect for use as a reading area, a rest area after swimming, small group get-togethers, and more. 9×9 gazebos are commonly chosen by consumers because they require only minimal foundation support and can be installed with ease.

High-Quality Construction Materials

Wood species chosen for these structures include western red cedar and also southern pine. The wood is kiln-dried as well as specially treated to make it virtually weatherproof. Some models have a cedar shake roof, and even the smaller 9x9 gazebos have customized construction alternatives that allow for shades, or easy-open windows. This makes them useful as a gathering place regardless of the season or the weather.

white 9x9 gazebos

Visually Appealing And Very Sturdy

Much like a geodesic dome is very strong for the number of materials used, so is an Amish-style gazebo. Especially our smaller 9×9 gazebos sizes, they are very sturdy for their weight. The perimeter pillars support the roof, and also the open design means plenty of cool drafts on warm summer days. Most of these wood or vinyl 9x9 gazebos models have a latticed perimeter around the support beams, and no floor is required if the structure is mounted on a concrete slab.

Benches can be added around the interior perimeter, and even the smaller octagons, as well as oblong octagons, have enough interior room for a picnic table or outdoor grille. These smaller 9x9 gazebos are intended as a gathering place for a small group, so any large-scale entertainment requires a structure of greater volume.

Prefabricated Gazebo Kits

The models available include all hardware you need for construction. The kits can be shipped anywhere in the country, and upon arrival are ready to install. Those who have construction skills find it easy to assemble the parts in just one or two days. If outside help is required, the purchase includes a search as well as suggestions for local contractors. 

Adding a gazebo to the backyard entertainment area can be part of a larger project for the homeowner. Slight modifications to the landscaping can help ensure the structure fits nicely into the backyard environment. Choosing the proper blends of color tones for outdoor furniture and also pool decking, for example, is an exciting method for creating something truly unique. The small gazebo in the yard is the highlighted centerpiece.

9x9 gazebos with weathervane
Vinyl gazebos are similar in design and are very easy to assemble. The color shades vary according to the model chosen by the consumer. These gazebos can be customized to include fixtures as well as hinged window panels or pull-down fastened shades.

Customize Your Own Gazebo

The engineered precision, the quality craftsmanship, the clear assembly instructions, the world-class packaging and the way we care all result from our single-minded focus on making your “NEW OUTDOOR ROOM” become a reality. No distractions! Factory direct! It’s all we do. Many other companies who add gazebos and pergolas to a broader product line and are simply middlemen.


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