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Is the 8x8 Gazebo the Right Size for You?

A gazebo is a terrific addition to any backyard space. The type and size of the perfect gazebo depends on the purpose you hope the gazebo will fulfill. Large gazebos can be great for hosting large dinner parties, but a small 8×8 gazebo has its own benefits as well. It can create an extra room off your home where you can enjoy reading a good book or dining with your significant other. It is also the perfect size for wedding venues.

Focal Point for Landscaping

An 8×8 gazebo that is installed in a strategic place in the backyard can be a tranquil spot to admire the beautiful flowers or visiting wildlife. Many owners will have a gazebo located in a spot where they can enjoy the hard work they’ve done to make their yard a picturesque space. A bench or lounge will transform the space into a cozy reading nook too. A trail of string lights will make the gazebo a place to enjoy long into the night.

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Outdoor Dining

A gazebo can provide an intimate space for romantic dinners. The atmosphere can create a secluded spot to enjoy dinner with a loved one. After experiencing the rain cascading off the gazebo, you might prefer to dine outdoors in every rain storm. The addition of fans, heaters and lighting can extend your gazebo’s usefulness throughout the year.

Wedding Focus

A beautiful gazebo can be an exquisite backdrop for a couple exchanging their wedding vows. Whether the couple stands under the gazebo or uses it for a backdrop, it can be layered with silks and flowers to create a stunning place for a couple to begin their new life together. The couple’s wedding pictures will be even more romantic and beautiful with the gazebo as the background setting. If the reception will continue into the night, the gazebo can be laced with lights to create a background for beautiful wedding photographs that the couple will enjoy for the rest of their marriage. They’ll look back and remember the magical quality of the night because of the special backdrop. 

A small 8×8 gazebo can be used for many outdoor functions like a small reading nook or as the focal point when a couple exchanges vows at their wedding. This small gazebo is perfect for a backyard that needs a stunning structure to enhance its beauty.

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