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12x12 Gazebo

Adding a 12x12 gazebo to the backyard is an affordable way to provide a place to eat, visit, or simply rest and take in the scenery. As part of a backyard remodeling project, gazebos fit in nicely when landscaping or adding fixtures, such as a pool. Most gazebos are open-air, meaning they depend on the outside temperature for comfort. They are well-shaded, waterproof, and can be enjoyed in comfort even on a stormy day.

Gazebos can be purchased as a kit, ready to assemble, or they can be completely built on-site. Most available options are constructed of wood or vinyl. The size and materials of the fixture help determine the final cost, and the life expectancy of the structure. One of the most commonly purchased kit sizes is the 12×12 gazebo.

Manufactured Gazebo Kits

Often known as Amish-style gazebos, wood gazebo and pavilion models are manufactured for shipment to the purchaser for immediate setup. Either the property owner or a licensed contractor can put the kit together with ease. Most of the kits come with pre-cut wall and door panels, roof panels, shingles, ridge caps, and rafters. The 12x12 gazebo kit also contains all the fascia boards, hardware, and instructions necessary.

12x12 Gazebo

Customized Gazebos Available

Nothing is more fun than designing a custom gazebo. Figuring out the best size, required materials, color choices, and wood grains is simple with the help of the our online catalog or our design your own gazebo builder. Here, purchasers can begin by choosing their shape – such as rectangle, oval, or octagon.

Our gazebo sizes range from eight feet diameter all the way up to 30 feet. The most common size chosen is in the 10-12 foot diameter range.

Why Are 12x12 Gazebos Popular?

Many folks like to have a gazebo set up near a recreation area. Placing one of these structures near a swimming pool allows everyone to rest and relax in a shaded environment. Besides, these structures are less expensive than an outdoor kitchen made from stone. 

Many local jurisdictions have comprehensive regulations about larger structures on a residential property. However, a 12×12 gazebo is generally allowed without having to apply for a special permit. In addition, these smaller sizes can be set up without the need for a full foundation, which would significantly drive up the cost of construction.

Specifics On Amish-Style Wood Gazebos

Unless you want to host a large outdoor party in any weather condition, a larger pavilion-style gazebo can seem far too large, and it certainly is not cozy. On the other hand, a carefully designed, old-style Amish gazebo kit made from wood and measuring about 12 feet in diameter is perfect for family gatherings. Keep in mind that these smaller kits can be dismantled and moved to another part of the property without too much effort. 

Most of the pre-assembled models can be customized prior to shipment from the manufacturer. Changes to the roof style, floor deck material or wood grain, or color generally do not affect the final price. Amish-style wood gazebos can be ordered with screens, track windows, or shutters. If you need help installing your gazebo, ask us about our installation services for your area.

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