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Campus GazebosIn addition to selling gazebos perfect for residential outdoor living, Amish Country Gazebos also serves commercial properties including hotels, resorts, community parks, golf courses and corporate parks. If you are looking to provide your customers or employees with a place to sit and relax, ordering a gazebo kit from us is the worry-free solution.

If you are a landscape designer, contractor or builder of any kind, we are happy to work with you to serve your client. We welcome your call and we encourage you to your own copy of the Amish Country Gazebos catalog and price guide. Our prices are competitive and our outstanding quality and service will enable you to serve your customer with excellence.

It is our job to make you look good to your client.

If you are interested in working with us on a commercial project, please call our gazebo experts at 1-800-700-1777.

Great For Your Landscape

Because they are beautiful, sturdy and low-maintenance, Amish Country Gazebos are great for:
Golf Course Gazebo

  • Golf courses
  • Community parks
  • Hotels and resorts
  • College campuses
  • Office complexes
  • Retirement villages
  • Outdoor Smoking Shelter
  • and more

Amish Country Gazebos offers commercial solutions that meet the challenges associated with building code compliance. Our 30 years of product development and engineering experience coupled with constant improvement mean that you can have total confidence in the quality of our product. We also create custom commercial quality Pavilion when providing shade is the primary goal.

Designed to withstand 150 mph winds, heavy snow loads and even earthquakes, Amish Country Gazebos normally win immediate approval with even the most demanding inspectors throughout the nation. Imagine how gratified our customers along the Gulf Coast were when many of the Amish Country Gazebos in the region remained intact after Hurricane Katrina!

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