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Generate new profits with a Wedding Gazebo!

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  • The Little Red Barn on Nunica (Michigan)
  • The Little Red Barn on Nunica (Michigan)
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Watch your food and beverage income soar when your catering services are engaged at higher levels than ever before. Increase your cash flow and your bottom line as your property becomes the premier destination for the most beautiful weddings in town.

We can even help promote your fabulous, convenient, and top-notch Wedding Gazebo Package by providing ready-to-use post cards and advertisements.

Just call us for the details. We know what works, and we look forward to helping you earn more profit. It’s the aesthetic and emotional appeal of a stunning wedding gazebo that makes it all possible.

They’ve never been happier in their lives! The date is set, and now they’re looking for the perfect setting to begin their forever after in…

a wedding gazebo

With an outdoor terrace, lake or pond, rolling green hills, spectacular landscaping, and friendly staff, they love your facility and know your location is the perfect choice for their gazebo wedding.

Perhaps you already host weddings, or maybe there’s never been a wedding at your facility. Either way, your weddings – and profits – will see a dramatic increase when you offer a wedding gazebo package.

Surveys list the number one concern facing today’s bride as exceeding her budget. The good news is, the current average price to rent a gazebo for a wedding ceremony is about $600, far less than the cost for a banquet or party facility.

A gazebo wedding offers an affordable alternative for today’s couple, and provides the perfect backdrop for those life-long memories they will share.

gazebos on the side of a coast

Nothing says “outdoor wedding” like a wedding gazebo.

Offering a wedding gazebo package at your facility can help relieve a bride’s greatest fears and make you part of a $50 billion dollar industry.

A minimal investment will bring a magnificent gazebo to your facility, and it can increase your yearly cash flow by tens of thousands of dollars, all while enhancing your picturesque landscape!

From the moment the first guests arrive, as the bride walks down the aisle, during the exchange of vows, until the happy couple is whisked away on their honeymoon, a gazebo creates the perfect backdrop to their fairy-tale moment.

But don’t stop there! Your gazebo can be used for so much more than just weddings. Teas, parties, a place for your guests to relax after a long day; a gazebo investment will bring life-long benefits to both you and your customers.

All of our gazebos are crafted by skilled Amish carpenters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Your gazebo designer is always available to assist you, and we use our own trucks to deliver your gazebo, ensuring you get exactly the gazebo you want every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for?
Get started today by calling us at 1-800-700-1777
and enhance your profits by adding your very own wedding gazebo.

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Prices usually range from $2,000 to $20,000.
Pergolas start at $2,000 and average about $5,000.
Gazebos start at $2,300 and average about $10,000.
Pavilions start at $3,500 and average about $12,000.
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Amish Country Gazebos Catalog 2019

When you open our full-color catalog, we’re sure you will see why Amish Country Gazebos is your best option for a gazebo, pergola or pavilion for your home or business.  You’ll immediately begin dreaming about the perfect addition to your peaceful outdoor setting.

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