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Landscaping Your Gazebo

Considering adding a gazebo to your property? There are many items to take into consideration, not the least of which is how you’ll be landscaping your gazebo!

wood gazebo with bridge

First comes the decision of whether you want your gazebo to blend in with its surroundings, or stand out. If you’re looking to put a gazebo along your tree line, a wooden gazebo would probably be best. Will your gazebo be the centerpiece of your outdoor atrium? A vinyl gazebo may be for you.

Also to be determined is what the gazebo will be used for. Will it enclose a hot tub or a hammock? Will there be benches around the interior perimeter or a table and chairs in the center of your gazebo?

The answers to these questions will help in the determination of how you’ll landscape around your gazebo’s exterior. If your gazebo is the centerpiece of your garden, do you want to also install a water fixture and rock formation? If enclosing a hot tub, would you rather surround it with shrubbery and flowering bushes?

Will there be a flagpole just outside? Then you’ll want to prepare for light fixtures. If you’re planning to entertain in your gazebo at night, you may want screens to protect from mosquitoes. Your gazebo should also be placed in an area that can be wired for electrical hookup.

In addition, knowing the primary use of your gazebo will aid in choosing the size best for you. Gazebos are frequently too small, but rarely too big. We recommend visiting some gazebos (if possible) to ensure you’re satisfied with the size your gazebo will be prior to ordering. If your gazebo is a landscape feature mainly to be looked at, small is great! BUT, if you’re planning an outdoor oasis where you can gather with family or friends, another 4-6 feet of gazebo is going to make all the difference when entertaining your guests.


Which direction should your new gazebo face? Towards the pond or away from the pond, towards the house or away from the house? Do you want to look out over your property towards the horizon, or back across your estate towards home?

Another consideration in gazebo placement is ambiance. If placement on the tree line will mean having your neighbor’s dog bark at you every time you venture to your peaceful haven, you probably won’t venture to that (non) peaceful haven very often.

An easily accessible gazebo is more likely to be used. A well decorated – inviting – gazebo is also more likely to be used.

When landscaping your gazebo, your options are virtually endless! But that’s not all. There are endless possibilities for designing your gazebo, as well. A gazebo can match your house. It can match your shed. Or it can be completely unique! See for yourself with our design your own gazebo feature… and when you’re finished, be sure to head over to our Gazebos Pinterest page to check out pictures of our gazebos.

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